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Римский горизонт

Experience Spiritual Journeys 

Embark on a spiritual group journey through the Bible Lands with Favor Travel Tours & Tickets. As a trusted tour operator and travel agency, we specialize in organizing biblical tours and cruises, as well as planning events worldwide. Let us guide you on a one-of-a-kind experience filled with cultural immersion, historical insights, and unforgettable memories. 

Join us and experience the Bible come to life! 

Group Bible tours in destinations such as

Israel, Turkey, Greece and Italy

What Can You Expect on Our Biblical Tours & Bible Land Cruises?

Spiritual Exploration

Engage in a profound spiritual journey as you visit significant biblical sites. Walk in the footsteps of historical figures and witness the landscapes that have played a pivotal role in faith history.

Educational Workshops and Talks

Participate in educational workshops and talks. Deepen your understanding of biblical history, archaeology, and theology, fostering a well-rounded and enriching experience.

Expert Guidance

Benefit from expert guides who provide in-depth knowledge and insights into the historical and faith significance of each site. Gain a deeper understanding of the cultural and faith context

Fellowship and Community

Build meaningful connections with fellow travelers who share a similar interest in biblical history and cultural exploration. Create lasting memories as you share discussions, reflections, and moments of inspiration throughout the journey.

Unique Cultural Experiences


Immerse yourself in the local cultures and traditions of the regions visited. Encounter authentic experiences, from partaking in traditional ceremonies to savoring local cuisine, enhancing your overall travel experience.

Rest comfortably in hand-selected first-class hotels or cruises

Comfortable Cruises

Enjoy the convenience and luxury of cruising between destinations. Relax on board comfortable cruise ships equipped with modern amenities, ensuring a pleasant journey as you travel to various biblical sites.

Christian Care

Embark on a worry-free journey with Christian Care, where our dedicated team of Christian travel experts meticulously attends to every detail of your trip. From crafting personalized itineraries to ensuring seamless logistics, our commitment is to provide you with a spiritually enriching and stress-free travel experience. Trust in Christian Care to handle all the intricacies, allowing you to focus on the spiritual and cultural aspects of your journey, creating memories that resonate with your faith and personal connection to the destinations you explore.

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