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Cancellation/ refund policy

Cancellations/ Refunds:


All cancellations/ refund requests must be in writing by letter or e-mail to Favor travel tours & tickets LLC and will be in effect on the date of receipt by Favor Travel Tours & Tickets LLC. There is no exception to cancellation fee. Any exceptions must be in writing from Favor Travel Tours & Tickets LLC.


Air penalties are not part of the percentages below and vary based on the airline policy at the time of ticket issue – check carefully at the moment of booking. Due to unexpected reasons - official war or other official prohibited travelling, pandemic etc.- will be a refund except non-refundable service/administrative fees after getting money from suppliers.


If supplier offer only credit option for future travelling only one this option will be available for cancellation.


Tour Cancellation by Favor Travel: Favor Travel may cancel a tour due to lack of participation. In such cases, Travelers are offered credit for future travel or a full refund. Favor Travel is not responsible for additional costs or penalties related to non-Favor Travel arrangements, including penalties for changing dates for air tickets


Travel Advisories: Travelers must stay informed about travel advisories. In the event of a State Department Travel Advisory, Travelers assume all risks if they choose to travel.


What CAN be Refunded:

• Some tours may require a minimum number of travelers to operate. The affected traveler will be fully refunded or may choose a similar tour product as a substitute. Should this occur, it would be under very rare circumstances.

• Please note that the product substitute chosen by the traveler may be more expensive than the original product and therefore may be subject to an additional cost.

• Any additional refunds based on extenuating circumstances will depend on the individual tour operator.

What CANNOT be Refunded:

• Service and administrative fees

• All hotel and tour schedules are arranged ahead of time. Any person failing to appear on the day of departure will not be refunded.

• No refund will be given for any portions of the tour unused by the traveler after tour departure regardless of circumstances. Or for any missing sightseeing in case of changing itinerary due to the reasons of security or unexpected reasons (weather, road troubles etc)

• Airfare is completely non-refundable and non-changeable for tours when airfare is included in the final price.

• Hotel extensions and Instant Confirmation products (admission tickets, city passes, etc.) cannot be exchanged or refunded once confirmed.

• No refunds for subjective dissatisfaction or discrepancy between subjective expectations and reality.


In the following situations, consumers are not entitled to refunds except under very limited circumstances:


Non-refundable tickets - Consumers who purchase non-refundable tickets are not entitled to a refund unless the airline makes a promise to provide a refund or the airline cancels a flight or makes a significant schedule change.   


Personal Issue - Consumers who purchase nonrefundable tickets, but are unable to travel for a personal reason, such as being sick or late to the airport, are not entitled to a refund.


Unsatisfactory Service - A consumer who willingly takes a flight (or hotel etc.) but has a bad experience with the airline or the flight is not entitled to a refund.


Incidental Expenses – A consumer who incurs incidental expenses such as a rental car, hotel room, or meal due to a significantly delayed or cancelled flight is not entitled to a refund of the incidental expenses.


Note: While airlines are not required to issue a refund for non-refundable tickets, they are free to do so or they may issue a credit or travel voucher for future use on the airline.  Airlines must also comply with the promises they make, and in some instances, they may be willing to offer passengers accommodations or other benefits that they are not required to provide.  Contact the airline directly to inquire about additional accommodations or benefits.




Non-refundable in any dates in any reason: $100.00 per person administration/service fee, even due to force-major reasons.


Service fees for booking tickets $35/50 are non-refundable in any dates at any reasons


If third parties have any kind of booking fees it is non-refundable


Air tickets included at price after booking are non-refundable


120 – 91 Days Prior: $200 for international tour, $500 for international tour and cruise


90 – 61 Days Prior: $500 for international tour, $700 for international tour and cruise


60 – 46 Days Prior: 50% of tour cost


45 Days Prior or less: 100% of tour cost


Please note that cancellation fees are calculated based on the date we receive your signed Cancellation Request Form and travel service start date.

• The notification day and departure day are NOT counted. Eg. If the tour departure day is April 14th, we receive the official cancellation request on April 11st, it will be counted as 2 days prior to the departure date.

• If a tour is scheduled to depart within the next 45 days, we will not change a traveler's departure date and will not offer a refund.

In most cases, reservations paid by wire transfer, cash deposit, or money order/traveler's check/cashier's check will be refunded via PayPal, Zelle. For refunds processed by wire transfer, any associated wire transfer fee will be deducted from the overall refund amount. Returned checks include a $30 NSF fee.


All refunds are possible after getting money from suppliers. Processing time for refunds are 60 working days or more and depend on dates of getting refunds from suppliers.


If supplier offer only credit option for future travelling only one this option will be available for cancellation.


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